About Bev

What I bring to my role as a Celebrant is passion. Passion, that helps me to work with you to create that perfect ceremony. It is a real privilege and one that I do not take lightly.


Every ceremony should reflect the people it’s about, not who is conducting it.


My previous working roles have seen me involved in marketing, administration, promotion and sales. One of my most special roles was as the promotions manager for Orana Wildlife Park, we had great fun organising special days, and events.


In more recent times I spent nine years as a District Councillor for Waimakariri. I also accepted the role as a Justice of the Peace so I could continue to work for my community.


In addition to my work as a celebrant I work full time in Real Estate.


I have raised 2 children, and now have a blended family of five girls, eight grandchildren and a wonderful supportive extended family. I feel truly blessed with love and support.


While anyone can undertake the work and role of a celebrant, only those appointed by Births Deaths and Marriages can legally act as a Marriage Celebrant a role I was appointed to in 2008. As a member of the Celebrants Association of NZ I bring a professional and caring approach to my work as
a celebrant.


Celebrants are often called upon to conduct a variety of services and ceremonies, I enjoy that challenge and more particularly those that mark special occassions in a family.


What an honour it is to have people ask you to walk on their "Yellow Brick Road” for a little while – just to assist them over or along a short pathway… it is indeed a moment to treasure and one I never take for granted.

Making Magical Memories Together…

© 2016 Beverly Shepherd-Wright