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Beverly Shepherd-Wright will incorporate your rituals in to your ceremony
Beverly Shepherd-Wright will incorporate your rituals in to your ceremony
Beverly Shepherd-Wright will incorporate your rituals in to your ceremony

Rituals and Customs

Throughout history we have performed through every culture. Some are continued today in our ceremonies. The purpose of these customs is to help people cross a threshold. They are a symbolic way of showing there has been a change: a growing; a spiritual shift; a time of transition; a time of healing.


In marriages there are many of rituals and customs I am being asked to perform such as: Hand Fasting; Pining of the Tartan; Drinking from the Loving Cup; Sand Ceremonies and Mother’s Rose Ceremonies, but there are plenty more to consider.


Outside of the marriage ceremony, it is important that we mark other important passages in our lifetime. Once we held 21st Birthday Parties, which, along with the law, was a rite of passage into adulthood. All of a sudden you were allowed to vote, drink alcohol, marry without your parents’ permission and you were held accountable by the law as an adult. Today, with the variety of ages being accepted for different things such as voting at 18, being charged as an adult at 17, we don’t seem to have found an acceptable time to mark the transition from teenager to adult in the same way.


Other passages like birthday parties we hold with friends and families, they mark the passage of time, but often for small children its equally important they mark the passing of a pet or indeed the becoming of a teenager is very important and we can include rituals around that might include packing away some of precious things from a childhood with the help of aunts and sisters etc or uncles and brothers etc who help us mark this time with a ceremony of remembrances about some important milestones we shared as we grew up. Then go on in the next few days to celebrate with friends the new beginning  with fun and frivolity.


House Blessings

The house is going to be our new home – we want to welcome everyone into it and we want a new beginning for this family at the same time saying goodbye to the family who have left. A lot of cultures hold ceremonies around this event.



Becoming a citizen of a new country is an overwhelming experience. One not taken lightly as you swear your allegiance to the new head of that country and its people. Most councils offer a ceremony that you can take part in, but you might like to add to that with one of your own, perhaps with your new friends and others who may have joined you from your previous country.


Renewal of Vows

What a great way to say I Love You again after so many years of marriage. These are a great way to celebrate a special anniversary. Inviting some of the original attendees to the ceremony/party always ensures a great time, but more importantly you again publicly acknowledge your love for one another in front of family and friends.


Unveiling of Head Stones and Internment of Ashes

All carried out with dignity and a small meaning full ceremony can be prepared to include those who are closest to the deceased and may also include those who could not be there when the main ceremony was held. Often very emotional and should be designed to suit your needs. Sometimes loved ones may be interred together after having died separately often years apart. 


Wedding Anniversaries
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