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Naming Ceremonies by Canterbury Celebrant Beverly Shepherd-Wrright
Beverly Shepherd-Wright, Canterbury Marriage Celebrant conducts naming ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies by Canterbury Celebrant Beverly Shepherd-Wright

Naming Ceremonies

So what is in a name? It’s what defines us, it’s who we are. It says to the world, this is me, I am that person etc. It’s what sets us apart from another person and makes us unique.


By tradition many of us were christened, but today many people don’t attend the churches as they once did and so this practice has largely become obsolete. So what do we replace it with? A simple ceremony of identification of this person, usually a young child and we do this for a number of reasons.


Why have a Naming Ceremony?

It tells the child they belong; they belong to this family unit and to the wider circle that this unit belongs to. You are part of this tribe. This is your heritage. We acknowledge you as an important member of our family and we have chosen your given names for specific reasons (such as their meaning, connection to special person or family member).


It is important for a child to know how and why they got their names and what significance they held for you as their parents. It is also a good time for you to think about scenarios such as who would look after the child, and what values would they be raised with if you were no longer around. Remember of course, there are legal ramifications around your decisions.


If a child has been chosen (adopted) this is an excellent ceremony as it welcomes them along with other children perhaps into the family. They get to become part of this family by choice and you might like to consider adding another naming name (perhaps a second name) to their name as a sign of their significance into your family.

Children can participate by lighting candles in a playdoh pit or on cupcakes or creating a sand jar with coloured sand. Sealed up it will be with the child forever as a keepsake of this wonderful day.

Naming Ceremonies by Canterbury Celebrant Beverly Shepherd-Wright
You want to name me what?!
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